2FA (Two-Factor Authentication)

In an effort to improve security with off-network access to the Washington University Human Resources Management System (HRMS), two-factor authentication became available as of late January 2016.

As of October 31st, 2016, enrollment in WashU 2FA is now required to access HRMS when off-network.

Two-factor authentication enhances the security of your account by using a secondary device to verify your identity when not on the Washington University network. This prevents anyone but you from accessing your account, even if they know your password.

When on the Washington University network, you will use just your WUSTL Key password like normal.
When off the Washington University network (such as when at home), a secondary method of authentication will be used.

The best part of this is that when you enroll in two-factor authentication, the WUSTL Key password change requirement goes from 90 days to 365 days (for those required to change it on a regular basis).

To verify your enrollment in Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), visit here:

To read more about 2FA, please visit the WUIT site here:

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If you need any assistance setting up 2FA, you may contact support.