WashU Box


The WashU “Box” software works like other cloud storage applications that you may already be familiar with, such as Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, and Google Drive.

Box will keep the latest 100 revisions of modified files, and you are able to restore any deleted file from backup for a period of 90 days.

WashU Box uses your WUSTL Key for authentication. This is referred to as Single Sign-On (“SSO”) on the Box site.

If you need to share a folder, the person you want to share it with will need to have already activated their Box account.

Main WashU Box page: http://box.wustl.edu/

Appropriate use guidelines: http://box.wustl.edu/use-guidelines/

Already have your Box account activated and just need to DOWNLOAD the software? Visit HERE for Box downloads and apps.

Please note that while Box may be advertising the service as “unlimited”, it is not meant to replace any existing backup or storage system that you may be using.