Xerox Printer (MSB)

Printer Name: Xerox AltaLink (MSB)

IP Address:

Printer Location: MS Building, Room 266

Universal Driver Downloads:

Other drivers:

For older/other driver downloads, please visit Xerox’s web site.


Click here for macOS Setup

For Windows (Manual Setup) –

* Download the zip file and extract the drivers somewhere (such as C:\Drivers\Printers).
* Add a new printer through Settings / Control Panel
* Chose to add a new TCP/IP port, then type the IP address of the printer.
* Select “have disk” when prompted for drivers and choose the location you extracted the zip file to.

(Make sure that you do NOT share the printer when adding it.)

For Windows (Easy Setup) –

* If using the “Xerox Smart Start” program, download the installer & run it
* If it detects the printer, click “Quick Install”
* If it doesn’t detect the printer, click “Don’t See Your Printer?”, type in the printer’s IP address, then click Continue