BMB VPN Access

From time to time, users may wish to connect to our network while at home or another location to have access to their files.

If you wish to request BMB VPN access, please contact us and let us know which operating system you’ll be using.

Use of OpenVPN usually requires the download and installation of special client software, but this type of connection can offer better speeds, higher security, and more network compatibility than our legacy VPN connection types.

Recommended OpenVPN downloads:

iOS: OpenVPN Connect
Android: OpenVPN Connect
macOS & Windows: Viscosity OpenVPN
Linux Desktop: Use the built-in Network Manager and import our OpenVPN configuration file.

Please note that the “Viscosity” OpenVPN client is a commercial product.
We have purchased several license keys for the users in our department. You may contact us for a key if you do not wish to purchase the software on your own.

Recommended WireGuard downloads:

Windows: WireGuard site
macOS: App Store (macOS 10.14+)
Android: Play Store
iOS: App Store (iOS 12.0+)